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City Code
1 General Provisions 2 Administration Revised 3 Advertising Revised 4 Aviation Revised 5 Cable Television Licenses 5A Industrial Gas Pipeline License 5B Telecommunications Service Providers 5C Small Wireless Facilities 6 Alcoholic Beverages 7 Amusements 8 Animals Revised 9 Building 10 Businesses Amended 10A Phoenix Convention Center Revised 11 Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management 12 Elections 13 Finance 14 Privilege and Excise Taxes 15 Fire Prevention 16 Franchises 18 Human Relations 19 Licenses 19A Residential Development Occupational Fee 19B Commercial and Industrial Development Occupational Fee 19C Water Residential Development Occupational Fee 19D Water Commercial and Industrial Development Occupational Fee 20 Office of Accountability and Transparency 22 Minors 23 Morals and Conduct Revised 24 Parks and Recreation Revised 26 Public Library 27 Solid Waste Revised 28 Sewers Revised 29 Impact Fees 30 Water Resources Acquisition Fee 31 Streets and Sidewalks Revised 31A Prequalification of Contractors 32 Subdivisions 32A Grading and Drainage Revised 32B Floodplains Revised 32C Stormwater Quality Protection Revised 33 Tents 34 Trees and Vegetation 35 Urban Renewal 36 Vehicles and Traffic Revised 37 Water Revised 38 Weights and Measures 39 Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance Revised 40 Environmental Protections 41 Zoning Revised 41A Planning and Zoning Fees 42 Risk Management 43 Procurement Revised A.2 Planning and Development Department Fee Schedule Tables View All →