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a. To become a candidate for any office, a qualified elector must file a nomination paper, in the form prescribed by the City Clerk, signed by the candidate, giving the candidate’s actual residence address, or description of place of residence, and post office address.

b. The nomination paper shall include the following:

1. The exact manner in which the candidate desires to have the candidate’s name printed on the official ballot.

A. The candidate’s name shall be limited to the candidate’s given name(s); an abbreviated version of the candidate’s given name(s), such as "Bob" for "Robert" or "Jim" for "James"; or appropriate initials, such as "Wm." for "William" or "S." for "Samuel" and the candidate’s surname.

B. Candidates may use nicknames, but in no event shall nicknames, or abbreviated versions or initials of a candidate’s given name(s), refer to or suggest any professional, fraternal, religious, or military title. Candidates’ abbreviated names or nicknames may be printed within quotation marks.

C. The candidate’s given name(s) shall be printed first, with the candidate’s surname printed last.

D. No other descriptive name(s) may be printed on the official ballot, except as provided in this section.

2. A declaration signed by the candidate affirming that the candidate is qualified to hold the office the candidate seeks.

c. A person who does not timely file a nomination paper that complies with this section is not eligible to have the person’s name printed on the official ballot for that office. The City Clerk shall not accept the nomination paper of a candidate for City elective office unless the person provides or has provided all of the following:

1. A nomination petition as required by the City Charter and Code.

2. A political committee statement of organization or the $500.00 threshold exemption statement for that office, unless neither of these items is required from a candidate pursuant to State Law.

3. The financial disclosure statement as prescribed by Section 12-1401.

d. A candidate shall file the nomination paper no later than 5:00 p.m. on the last date for filing.

e. At the time of filing a nomination paper, a City Council candidate must maintain the candidate’s permanent residence within the district from which the candidate is nominated.

f. At the time of filing a nomination paper, a candidate for the office of Mayor must maintain the candidate’s permanent residence within the City. (Ord. No. G-5390, § 1, 2009; Ord. No. G-5737, 2012; Ord. No. G-6241, 2016)