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a. It shall be unlawful:

1. For any person to willfully disregard any provision of this chapter.

2. For any person to register, or re-register, to vote under any but the person’s true name.

3. For any person to register to vote using an address where the person is not a resident at the time of registering.

4. For any person to vote by impersonating another person who is properly registered to vote.

5. During an election, for any unauthorized person to remove a voting center signature roster from a voting center.

6. During an election, for any unauthorized person to deface, tear down, remove, or destroy any election instructions or notices posted at a voting center.

7. During an election, for any unauthorized person to remove or destroy any election supplies or conveniences provided to enable voters to prepare their ballots.

8. For any person to hinder or interfere with the voting of another person.

9. For any public officer, upon whom a duty is imposed, to willfully neglect to perform that duty or to willfully perform that duty in such a way that the purposes of this chapter are hindered.

B. A violation of this section is a Class 1 Misdemeanor. (Ord. No. G-5390, § 1, 2009)