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a. An electronic voting system consisting of a voting or marking device, in combination with vote tabulating equipment, shall provide facilities for voting for candidates and/or propositions at any City election.

b. An electronic voting system shall:

1. Provide for voting in secrecy when used with voting booths.

2. Permit each voter to vote at any election:

a. for any person, for any office, whether or not such person is nominated as a candidate;

b. for as many persons for an office for which the voter is entitled to vote; and

c. for or against any question upon which the voter is entitled to vote.

3. Utilize vote tabulating equipment that will reject choices recorded on a ballot if the number of choices exceeds the number for which the voter is entitled to vote.

4. Prevent a voter from voting for the same person more than once for the same office.

5. Be suitably designed for the purpose used, of durable construction, and capable of being used safely, efficiently, and accurately in the conduct of elections and counting ballots.

6. Be provided with means for sealing the voting or marking device, if used, against any further voting after the close of the polls and the last voter has voted.

7. When properly operated, record correctly and count accurately every vote cast. (Ord. No. G-5390, § 1, 2009; Ord. No. G-5560, § 1, 2010)