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A. Rationale. Statistical and other evidence gathered from July 1, 2010, through June 30, 2019, supports the continuation of a race- and gender-neutral small business enterprise (SBE) program:

In fiscal year 2018-2019, SBE businesses earned 7.54 percent of all construction dollars spent on locally funded contracts.

On January 15, January 21, January 28, and February 6, 2020, the City hosted several informational forums for citizens, advocacy groups and stakeholders to gather information required to continue with an expanded SBE program.

The information gathered at the forums, public hearing, and from the comments submitted during the comment period revealed that small businesses continue to face obstacles to full participation in the marketplace. These obstacles include, but are not limited to, difficulties in obtaining: (1) credit and financing; (2) similar pricing for supplies and services; (3) participation in informal networks through which business opportunities are established; (4) notification of business opportunities; and (5) participation in the bidding process.

B. Adoption of findings. Based on the statistical evidence compiled by the City and the anecdotal evidence gathered from the public through the above mentioned forums, hearing, and comment period, the City Council hereby adopts the following findings:

1. The relevant geographic market for construction services purchased by the City is Maricopa County, Arizona.

2. The available evidence suggests that small businesses continue to experience difficulties competing in the relevant geographic market, including competing for City construction contracts.

3. Continuing a race- and gender-neutral SBE program would further the mission to increase business opportunities for all small business enterprises. (Ord. No. G-5518, § 2, 2010; Ord. No. G-6742, § 2, 2020)