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It shall be a misdemeanor for any person, as defined in Section 23-47.3, to place, or employ or procure another person to place, any cuttings, clippings, rubbish, trash, filth, dirt, or debris upon any private or public property not owned or under the control of said person without the written consent of the person responsible for such private or public property. The placement of such rubbish in places approved by the City for collection and hauling and clearly identified as such is excluded from this section. In addition to the penalty prescribed for a misdemeanor, the person placing, or causing the placing of such material shall be responsible for all costs which may be assessed pursuant to this ordinance for such removal. The written consent to place material must be carried by the person doing such placing and shall be displayed to any person so requesting. Failure to carry and to display to any person so requesting is a misdemeanor. All other ordinances of the City remain in full force and effect and the City may prosecute under one or more of such other sections notwithstanding prosecution under this section. (Ord. No. G-2040, § 1)

Editor’s note—"Person" is not defined in this section. "Person" was defined by an accompanying ordinance which was not enacted.

Cross reference—Solid waste, ch. 27; illegal dumping, § 27-7.

State law reference—Littering, A.R.S. § 13-1603.