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A. Special waste is all solid waste that is listed or classified as a special waste pursuant to Sections 49-851 to 49-868, Arizona Revised Statutes. Special waste will require prior approval from the Director and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality before being accepted for disposal at any City solid waste disposal facility. The generator of the waste may also be required to submit an analysis of the waste, at the generator’s expense, to the City for disposal approval or disapproval. Approval by the State of Arizona for the disposal of the material does not guarantee approval by the City.

B. The following waste may be accepted at recycling/staging areas at any City solid waste disposal facility under the provisions of a recycling program: (1) lead acid batteries; and (2) quantities of less than five gallons of noncontaminated motor oil from each household at one time. "Noncontaminated" means motor oil that has not been mixed with hazardous waste. Solid waste that requires special handling, such as 55-gallon drums, gasoline, or diesel tanks, must be triple rinsed and rendered useless by cutting the containers in half or puncturing holes in the containers. (Ord. No. G-4623, § 1, 2004; Ord. No. G-5756, 2012; Ord. No. G-5920, 2014)