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A. Solid waste disposal facility users must obey all traffic signs and stay on designated roadways at all times.

B. Solid waste disposal facility users are to follow all instructions given to them by City solid waste disposal facility personnel (i.e., spotters, inspectors and clerks).

C. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in any City solid waste disposal facility.

D. Solid waste disposal facility users must be dressed in proper attire, including enclosed shoes for safety reasons.

E. Solid waste disposal facility inspectors or their designee have the right to inspect any load and may, at their discretion, require a load to be dumped in a segregated area to facilitate inspection.

F. Children and animals must remain in vehicles at all times.

G. Smoking in any City solid waste disposal facility is prohibited.

H. No person may, by threat, or use of violence or physical force, or by threatening to do or doing any other act that can be reasonably anticipated to cause physical harm to any person including the perpetrator, intentionally obstruct, impede, or interfere with any employee, contractor, or authorized representative of the City who is lawfully and constitutionally engaged in the enforcement or execution of the provisions of this chapter.

I. Collection vehicles that are hauling "hot loads" must notify a responsible party at the City solid waste disposal facility before proceeding to the unloading area.

J. Scavenging, including but not limited to the unauthorized pilfering, removal, buying, selling, trading, or using of material from any City solid waste disposal facility, is prohibited.

K. Violating user requirements may result in refusal of service. (Ord. No. G-4623, § 1, 2004; Ord. No. G-5756, 2012; Ord. No. G-5920, 2014)