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Chapter 28 SEWERS1 Revised

This chapter is included in your selections.

1Cross reference—Water Services Department, § 2-29; Development Advisory Board, § 2-164 et seq.; building regulations, ch. 9; sewer residential development occupational fee, ch. 19A; sewer commercial and industrial development occupational fee, ch. 19B; excavations in streets, § 23-26; offenses against public health, § 23-44 et seq.; solid waste, ch. 27; streets and sidewalks, ch. 31; discharging water into streets or sidewalks, § 31-8; subdivisions, ch. 32; stormwater quality protection, ch. 32C; water, ch. 37; environmental protection, ch. 40; Planning and Development Department fee schedule, app. A.2.

State law reference—General authority relative to sewers, A.R.S. §§ 9-499.01, 9-240(B)(5), 9-276(A)(8), 49-391.