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A. No person shall paste, fasten or in any manner affix to any curb, sidewalk, or other public place within the City any drawing, writing, handbill, placard, poster, or advertisement.

B. No person shall write, paint, paste, post or tack any card, sign, notice, or advertisement in, on or upon any tree, post, pole, fence, wall, building, premises or other property owned by, or belonging to, or in the charge of another person without first having obtained from such person so owning or in charge, custody or control thereof, permission to do so. This subsection does not apply to commercial or non-commercial handbills, or to government action.

C. No person shall paste, post, tack, place or display, or cause or permit to be pasted, posted, tacked, placed or displayed any sign, card, notice, handbill or advertisement on any pole, fence, or at any place within any public right-of-way.

D. For purposes of this section, there is a rebuttable presumption that the owner, manager, distributor, provider, or responsible party of any business, product, or service that is the subject of a sign, notice, card, or advertisement has caused the sign, card, notice, or advertisement to be pasted, posted, tacked, placed or displayed within the right-of-way or on private premises.

E. Except as provided in Subsection F, any person who violates any of the provisions of this section shall be guilty of a Class One Misdemeanor.

F. Any person who is charged under the presumption of Subsection D is subject to a civil sanction of not less than two hundred fifty dollars nor more than two thousand five hundred dollars. The two hundred fifty dollar minimum sanction shall not be waived. Each sign, card, handbill, notice, or advertisement placed in violation of this section shall constitute a separate violation. (Ord. No. G-717, § 1; Ord. No. G-4069, § 1, 1998; Ord. No. G-5593, § 4, 2011)