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1Cross reference—Street Transportation Department, § 2-28; Development Advisory Board, § 2-164 et seq.; advertising, ch. 3; permit for placing advertisements or decorations on streets or City property, § 3-8; cable television licenses, ch. 5; industrial gas pipeline license, ch. 5A; telecommunications service providers, ch. 5B; building regulations, ch. 9; use of public property for motion picture or television productions, § 10-59 et seq.; franchises, ch. 16; obstructing streets, sidewalks or other public grounds by injurious, indecent or offensive acts, § 23-9; police line regulations, § 23-21.1; obstructing streets and sidewalks, § 23-25 et seq.; placing nails, broken glass or other objects on streets, § 23-28; solid waste, ch. 27; sewers, ch. 28; sewer service line repair and replacement in public right-of-way, § 28-5.1; subdivisions, ch. 32; trees and vegetation, ch. 34; vehicles and traffic, ch. 36; official traffic barricade manual, § 36-32; operation of vehicle on sidewalk, § 36-63; parades and processions, § 36-77 et seq.; water, ch. 37; Planning and Development Department fee schedule, app. A.2.

State law reference—General authority relative to streets and sidewalks, A.R.S. §§ 9-499.01, 9-240(B)(3), (B)(4), (B)(25), 9-276(A)(1), (A)(2), (A)(6)—(A)(8), (A)(22).