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A. The City Manager may permit or allow a facility or person to release uncontaminated non-stormwater to the storm drain system as necessary and with specific restrictions. Similarly, the City may allow the discharge of uncontaminated stormwater from on-site retention areas. Each approved permit shall have a fee of not less than $1,000.00 per year. Each permit shall not extend beyond five years in duration. It shall be the permittee’s responsibility to reapply as stated in the permit. The permittee shall comply with applicable Arizona Surface Water Quality Standards designated by the City.

B. Uncontaminated stormwater or non-stormwater discharges that are infrequent (less than twice per calendar year) and low volume (less than 50,000 gallons per discharge) shall not be required to pay a permit fee. Additionally, discharges authorized under and in compliance with an NPDES/AZPDES permit are not required to obtain a City discharge permit or pay a permit fee.

C. Permits issued under the requirements of this chapter shall not relieve the owner of the responsibility for securing required permits for work to be done that is regulated by any other ordinance, department, or division of the City of Phoenix or other governing agency. (Ord. No. G-5707, 2012)