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Article II. Platting Procedures1

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1Note—See the editor's note to the title of this chapter.

Division 1. Pre-Application
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The pre-application conference stage of subdivision planning comprises an investigatory period which precedes actual preparation of preliminary plans by the subdivider. During this stage, the subdivider makes known his intentions to the Planning and Development Department and is advised of specific public objectives related to the subject tract and other details regarding platting procedures and requirements.

During this stage, it also may be determined that a change in zoning would be required for the subject tract or a part thereof, and in such case the subdivider shall initiate the necessary rezoning application.

In carrying out the purposes of the pre-application stage, the subdivider and the Department shall be responsible for the following actions. (Ord. No. G-5590, § 1, 2011)

State Law reference—Platting procedures required, A.R.S. § 9-463.01(B)(1).