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No person shall:

1. Place an item that blocks the aisle or the areas of the transit vehicle reserved for passengers in wheelchairs or who use mobility aids;

2. Possess an open container of or consume an alcoholic beverage in a transit vehicle or on transit property;

3. Carry any flammable or explosive substance, or hazardous materials onto or aboard a transit vehicle or transit property;

4. Hang onto or attach his or her body to any exterior part of a transit vehicle or touch a moving transit vehicle in any manner;

5. Walk between coupled light-rail vehicles;

6. Enter on, occupy, or remain upon the guideway except as necessary to board or alight a transit vehicle unless authorized by a valid permit;

7. Throw an object at or from any transit vehicle or at any person or thing on or in any transit vehicle, or at or from transit property;

8. Travel in any mode, including pedestrian, bicycle, electric standup scooter, equestrian, roller skate, rollerblade, on or across any guideway, except within a marked crosswalk at a signalized intersection;

9. Travel on or across a light-rail station platform or paid zone via bicycle, electric standup scooter, skateboard, roller blade, motorized vehicle or equipment. This subsection shall not apply to wheelchairs or other equipment used to assist a person with a disability;

10. Place any object on any portion of the guideway;

11. Interfere with the operation of a transit vehicle, transit facility, or ticket vending machine;

12. Interfere with embarking or disembarking of any passenger on a transit vehicle or entering or leaving transit property;

13. Use tobacco products, or carry any lighted or smoldering substance, in any form, aboard a transit vehicle or within any space where posted signage prohibits smoking;

14. Operate a sound-emitting device, unless the only sound produced by such item is emitted by a personal-listening attachment (earphone or headphone) audible only to the person carrying the device producing the sound: this provision shall not apply to a peace officer, firefighter, transit employee, or emergency response professional in the course of employment;

15. Light a flashlight, scope light, laser light or object that projects a flashing light or beams of light while inside a transit vehicle or towards a transit vehicle, except in an emergency;

16. Place his or her feet on, or lie down on the seat of a transit vehicle or place any article on the seat which would leave grease, oil, paint, dirt, or any other substance on the seat;

17. Spit, defecate, urinate, or litter in or on a transit vehicle, transit property, or transit facility;

18. Light or detonate sparklers, firecrackers, or other types of pyrotechnic devices in or on a transit vehicle, transit property, or transit facility;

19. Injure, mutilate, deface, alter, change, displace, remove, or destroy any sign, notice, or advertisement on or in any transit vehicle, or transit property;

20. Disobey the instructions of any traffic signal, security notice, sign or marker unless otherwise directed by a fare inspector, peace officer, or authorized transit representative;

21. Recklessly damage, deface, mutilate, or tamper with transit property so as to impair its function or value;

22. Post signs or notices, or draw or inscribe a message, slogan, sign, mark, or symbol on transit property without written permission from applicable transit entities. (Ord. No. G-5252, § 1, 2008; Ord. No. G-5294, § 1, 2008; Ord. No. G-6602, 2019)

1Code reviser’s note—Ordinance No. G-6602 sunsets on July 26, 2020. Ordinance No. G-6676 extends the sunset date to January 26, 2021. Ordinance No. G-6772 extends the sunset date to December 31, 2021. Ordinance No. G-6823 extends the sunset date to March 31, 2022.