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1. Complaint. A complaint shall be signed and served on the defendant by a fare inspector and shall contain the name, address, date of birth, and physical description of the defendant; a citation of the code section alleged to have been violated; the date and approximate location thereof. The complaint will state the amount of the penalty and the surcharge prescribed, unless a bail card is provided, and the date the complaint is served on the defendant. The complaint shall direct the defendant to appear in the Municipal Court at a specified date, time and place in the event the prescribed penalty and surcharge is not paid on or before the appearance date. A complaint is legally sufficient if it contains either a written description or the statutory designation of the alleged violation.

2. Service of complaint. If the defendant refuses to accept a complaint, the tender of the complaint by a Fare Inspector to the defendant shall constitute service thereof upon the defendant.

3. Authority to order a person from transit vehicle or station property. A person who refuses to provide proof of fare payment or to conform his or her behavior to any lawful regulation of this ordinance, may be removed from the vehicle by a Fare Inspector at any station or usual stopping place.

4. Construction. Nothing herein is intended to compromise or waive the right to enforce concurrently, or in the alternative, other remedies available pursuant to the law, including those applicable to the crime of theft of service or trespass. (Ord. No. G-5252, § 1, 2008; Ord. No. G-5294, § 1, 2008)