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A. Notwithstanding any other provision of this ordinance if, in the opinion of the City Manager or designee, the conditions at a property constitute an imminent hazard, the City Manager may order immediate abatement of the hazard without notice. Such abatement of an imminent hazard shall be limited to the minimum work necessary to remove the hazard.

B. The City shall pay the cost and expense of such abatement from any appropriation made available for that purpose.

C. A lien shall be recorded with the Maricopa County Recorder’s office and shall address the same costs and procedures identified in Section 39-22, entitled "Abatement."

D. Whenever the City finds that any structure contains an imminent hazard or health hazard, the City Manager or his designee may declare such structure unfit for human occupancy and order it to be vacated or to remain vacant.

E. A structure declared unfit for occupancy and ordered vacated or to remain vacant under the provisions of this section shall not be leased, rented or occupied until it has been inspected and deemed fit for occupancy by the City. The City shall reinspect, for the purpose of reoccupancy, within two business days of the receipt of a written request by the owner. (Ord. No. G-3859, § 3)