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A. There are or may in the future be buildings, structures or excavations that are so deteriorated, damaged, in such need of repair or left vacant or unsecured so as to present a threat to the health, safety and welfare of the community and constitute a nuisance.

B. All buildings, structures and excavations are to be maintained so as not to pose a hazard. The maintenance of a building, structure or excavation that meets any of the following is a nuisance and constitutes a violation of this ordinance, and subjects the building, structure or excavation to demolition or other abatement measures upon expiration of required notice:

1. The building’s or structure’s interior walls or other vertical structural members list, lean or buckle to such an extent that a plumb line passing through the center of gravity falls outside of the middle third of its base.

2. The building or structure, exclusive of the foundation, has thirty-three percent or more damage or deterioration to the supporting member or members or structural assembly, or fifty percent damage or deterioration to the nonsupporting enclosing or outside walls or covering.

3. The building or structure is infested by rodents, insects or other noxious pests, rendering it uninhabitable.

4. The building, structure or excavation exhibits conditions that present actual hazards or dangers.

5. The building or structure has been vacant and unsecured for more than forty-eight hours on more than one occasion during a twelve-month period.

6. The excavation has been unsecured for more than forty-eight hours on more than one occasion during a twelve-month period.

7. The building, structure or excavation or their contents represents an imminent hazard.

C. A building or structure or excavation in good repair or secured or which is actively being offered for sale or rent or is involved in legal proceedings prohibiting repair, sale or lease may be exempted by the City Manager or designee if the property owner demonstrates that the building or structure or excavation does not pose a threat to the health or safety of any person. (Ord. No. G-3859, § 3; Ord. No. G-4079, § 6, 1998; Ord. No. G-4266, § 6, 2000; Ord. No. G-5353, § 5, 2009)