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Chapter 41 ZONING1

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1Editor's note—Pursuant to Ord. No. G-3377, § 1, Ord. No. G-449, as amended, formerly included as app. A of the Phoenix City Code, was repealed and the "Zoning Ordinance of the City of Phoenix" was adopted by reference as set forth in § 41-1. A copy of the Zoning Ordinance is available as a separately published volume.

Cross reference—Planning Department, § 2-25; Neighborhood Services Department, § 2-34.02; Planning Commission, § 2-161 et seq.; advertising, ch. 3; airport zoning, § 4-236 et seq.; amusements, ch. 7; animals, ch. 8; building regulations, ch. 9; businesses, ch. 10; location of swap meet areas, § 10-42; sexually oriented businesses, § 10-131 et seq.; mobile vending, § 10-160 et seq.; barbed, brush or electrical fences, § 23-31; shielding and filtering outdoor lighting, § 23-100 et seq.; obstructing visibility at intersections, § 31-13; driveways and parking areas, § 31-43 et seq.; revocable right-of-way permits, § 31-80 et seq.; subdivisions, ch. 32; tents, ch. 33; trees and vegetation, ch. 34; parking trucks, trailers or buses on residential streets, § 36-140; parking on non-dust-free lots, § 36-145; storage of inoperable or unregistered vehicles, § 36-161 et seq.; neighborhood preservation, ch. 39; planning and zoning fees, ch. 41A; Planning and Development Department fee schedule, app. A.2.

State Law reference—Municipal zoning, A.R.S. § 9-462 et seq.