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A. Any person licensed pursuant to this article shall complete a license renewal form as prescribed by the City Clerk.

B. The license renewal fee is the amount of the annual license fee stated in Section 7-13

C. The license renewal fee is due prior to the expiration of the license being renewed.

D. A penalty of ten percent shall be assessed on any license renewal fee not paid when due as required by this section. Any penalty assessed pursuant to this section shall be paid within thirty days after receipt of the assessment.

E. Annual licenses not renewed prior to their expiration may be renewed during the following month of January. The renewal of a license pursuant to this subsection shall not have retroactive effect.

F. A license may be denied renewal upon any one or more of the following grounds:

1. The licensee, person financially interested or manager has violated any of the provisions of this Chapter.

2. The applicant is delinquent in the payment of any fee provided for in this Chapter.

G. To deny the renewal of a license, the City Clerk shall personally serve, or mail by certified mail to the licensee’s address of record, a written notice of denial of non-renewal, stating the reasons therefor. The licensee may appeal the notice of denial by filing a notice of appeal with the City Clerk within ten calendar days after service. Service by mail shall be complete three Federal business days after mailing. All appeals from the denial of a renewal shall be heard by the License Appeal Board pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 19, Article II of this Code.

H. The renewal of a license pursuant to this section shall have no effect on a suspension or revocation action brought pursuant to this Chapter. (Ord. No. G-5389, § 13, 2009)