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Part 16. Building Safety Fees

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Building Safety Fees are divided into four categories. These four areas include Building Plan Review, Permits/Inspections, Existing AFP Sites, and Miscellaneous fees. These areas are further defined by the following:

Building Plans Review Fees. Plans review fees pay for the review of plans to determine compliance with applicable codes and ordinances. Building Plan Review fees are based on a percentage of the calculated building permit fee with a minimum charge for each application.

Building Permit Fees/Inspections. Building inspections are financed by building permit fees. Permit fees for new construction and additions are based on the valuation of the project. In addition to the basic level of inspection services, additional inspection services are available through prior arrangement with the Planning and Development Department and with payment of the appropriate fee. These services include overtime inspections, re-inspection, optional (non-required) inspections and requests for time-specific inspections.

Existing AFP Sites. For increases in square footage at existing AFP sites, plan review fees will be based on the valuation tables using the square footage calculation. The permit fees will follow the AFP fee schedule and be charged on an hourly basis to reflect services provided. AFP permits will be issued through the AFP office upon completion of plan review.

Miscellaneous Fees. Miscellaneous fees are those fees that do not fall under any other Building Safety activities. (Ord. No. G-5458, § 1(Exh. A), 2009; Ord. No. G-5472, § 1(Exh. A), 2010; Ord. No. G-5590, § 1, 2011)