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A. Notwithstanding any other provision of the charter of the City of Phoenix, the City shall not expend public funds, grant tax concessions or relief, or incur any form of debt in an amount greater than three million dollars, and/or exchange or grant City-owned land of a fair market value of three million dollars to construct or aid in the construction of any amphitheater, sports complex or arena, stadium, convention facility or arena without approval of the majority of the electorate voting thereon at the next general election.

B. Notwithstanding any other provision of the Charter of the City of Phoenix, the Council shall not enact with an emergency clause any ordinance providing for any expenditure in excess of three million dollars in connection with any construction or development of any project involving non-essential City services.

C. The following definitions shall be used in this chapter:

1. "Expenditures" means any direct or indirect payment of money, the granting of tax concessions or relief, or the incurring of any form of debt.

2. "Emergency clause" means any provision that has the effect of causing an ordinance to become effective immediately or that denies or limits, in any way, the right to refer an ordinance to the ballot.

3. "Non-essential City services" means all services other than those set forth in paragraph D. below.

D. The provisions of this chapter do not apply to any ordinance providing for expenditures, including capital expenditures and debt service in connection with aviation, courts, fire, police, public transit, solid waste, streets, streetscapes, parking, wastewater, water, public utilities, stormwater, environmental safety, risk management, insurance and self-insurance, public health or safety, public housing, equipment maintenance, parks, recreation and libraries.

(Election of 10-3-1989; election of 3-13-2001)

1Editor’s noteIt should be noted that at the election of March 13, 2001, certified on Oct. 9, 2002, and approved Oct. 22, 2002, the title and text of Ch. XXVII, were modified to read as herein set out.