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A. The continued availability of City facilities and services is essential to the health, safety, and general welfare of all of the residents of the City and decisions relating to them should be informed management choices which are neither coerced by strikes nor imposed by third parties.

B. An employee of the City of Phoenix shall not in any manner participate in any strike against the City of Phoenix or any of its agencies.

C. Violation of this section by an employee of the City of Phoenix shall constitute a voluntary resignation from City employment and such employee forfeits and is no longer entitled to civil service, seniority, merit system or other employment protection. Following resignation by participating in a strike against the City of Phoenix, such employee shall not be eligible for rehire except by specific determination by the City Manager. Any employee thus rehired shall be placed in the class from which he resigned and in a pay grade at least one step below the one occupied at the time of resignation, except that an employee rehired under this paragraph who was at the lowest pay step in his class at the time of his resignation may be rehired at the pay step occupied at that time. Any employee rehired under the terms of this paragraph shall receive no increase in wages, salary, or employer contribution to any other benefits for a period of 12 months following his rehire.

D. A classified employee may have his alleged violation of this section adjudicated in accordance with the procedures used for testing terminations under the City of Phoenix civil service system. The only issue to be thus adjudicated shall be whether or not the employee violated this section.

E. Definitions.

1. "Employee" means any persons holding any position with the City of Phoenix, by hire or by appointment, and includes both classified and unclassified positions under the City’s civil service system.

2. "Strike" means the failure to report for duty, the absence from one’s position, the stoppage or deliberate slowing down of work or the withholding, in whole or in part, of the full, faithful and proper performance of the duties of employment, in concerted or contemporaneous action with others, for the purpose of inducing, influencing or coercing a change in the conditions, hours, compensation, rights, privileges or obligations of employment by the City of Phoenix.

F. The City of Phoenix may not use or agree to a method or procedure for determining the compensation, hours and conditions of employment of its employees, including binding interest or grievance arbitration, which prohibits the City Council or the City Manager from disapproving or altering such determinations. Alteration or disapproval by the City Council shall be by a simple majority of those members of the Council present and voting. Nor shall the City be subjected to such methods or procedures by any other governmental entity.

G. Except for the prohibition contained in paragraph F., above, all other decisions regarding methods or procedures for determining the compensation, hours, and conditions of employment of City of Phoenix employees are reserved to and are to be made by the City Council or the City Manager.

H. If any of the provisions of these amendments, or the application thereof to any person or circumstance is held invalid, such invalidity shall not affect other provisions or applications of these amendments which can be given effect without the invalid provision or application, and to this end, the provisions of these amendments are declared to be severable.

I. The provisions of this article shall be self-executing.

(Election of 11-1-1983)