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A. Powers and Duties. The Design Standards Committee shall have the following powers and duties under the provisions of these regulations:

1. To develop design standards, policies and guidelines and to recommend to the City Council the adoption of appropriate policy manuals and amendments to the development standards contained in these regulations;

2. To review and make recommendations to the City Council on all specific plans and other City studies including design guidelines to ensure formats compatible with the City-wide design guidelines;

3. To evaluate the success being achieved in meeting the goal of a higher quality of design in the City;

4. To periodically make recommendations to the City Council for changes to design standards, policy manuals and procedures; and

B. Membership. Members of the Design Standards Committee shall be appointed and removed as follows:

1. The Design Standards Committee shall be composed of the following members:

a. One member of the Planning Commission;

b. Two residents who are not part of the groups described in subsections c and d below, and who have served at least two years on a Village Planning Committee;

c. Two representatives of owners and developers of projects that are subject to design review; and

d. Three design professionals, such as architects, landscape architects, planners, and civil engineers.

e. One member of the Parks and Recreation Board.

2. The members of the Design Standards Committee shall be appointed by the City Council, except for the Planning Commission member who shall be selected by the Planning Commission and the Parks and Recreation member who shall be selected by the Parks and Recreation Board, and shall serve without pay.

3. Except for the Planning Commission member, each appointment shall be for a term of two years, and no member shall serve more than two successive terms. The Planning Commission member shall serve for two years, but the term shall not be renewable.

4. Except for the Planning Commission member, in the event of a death or resignation of a member, the vacancy may be filled for the unexpired term by the City Council. The vacancy of a Planning Commission member shall be filled by the Planning Commission. The Parks and Recreation Board shall fill a vacancy of a Parks and Recreation member. (Ord. No. G-3392, 1991; Ord. No. G-3449, 1991; Ord. No. G-3742, 1994; Ord. No. G-4346, 2001; Ord. No. G-5480, 2010)