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A. From and after the adoption by City Council of an application designating property with the Historic Preservation HP suffix, any removal or demolition of structures, or construction, alteration or remodeling of structures, or signs, or any landscaping on such property or development of archaeological sites are subject to the provisions of this ordinance.

B. The owners of HP property shall maintain and preserve buildings, structures and sites at such a level that they are not a safety hazard to the occupants or to the public.

C. The HP Commission shall adopt design guidelines which shall apply to the exterior features of structures in all HP districts. The guidelines are intended to offer assistance to property owners when building or modifying structures in the district, as well as to establish a set of standards to be used in reviewing proposals for certificates of appropriateness. The guidelines shall be a set of principles that give direction on how the parts and details of a building’s scheme or plan should be assembled involving the following categories of work in historic districts or on historic structures:

1. Rehabilitation of historic structures.

2. Additions or alterations to historic structures.

3. New construction on vacant land located in historic districts or adjacent to historic structures.

D. Design guidelines may contain provisions which modify the standards for signs contained in Section 705 of the Zoning Ordinance. Such modifications may not change the safety or permit provisions of that chapter, but may specify size, height, placement, numbers, materials and lighting of signs. Further, these guidelines may specify the location of off-street parking or loading spaces as contained in Section 702 of the Zoning Ordinance. If any of these provisions are to be contained in design guidelines, the guidelines shall be approved according to the procedures contained in Section 807

E. No building, permanent sign, or other structure within an HP District may be erected, demolished, moved, restored, rehabilitated, reconstructed, altered or changed in exterior appearance until plans for such activities have been submitted to and approved by the Historic Preservation Officer, HP Commission or City Council, and a Certificate of No Effect, a Certificate of Appropriateness, or a Demolition Approval is issued. Failure to comply with a stipulation, guideline or plan made a part of any of these approvals shall constitute a violation of this ordinance. An approved plan shall be binding upon the applicant and their successors and assignees. No building permit shall be issued for any building or structure not in accord with the plan except that temporary facilities shall be permitted in conjunction with construction. No structure or other element specified on the plan shall be eliminated, or altered and provided in another manner, unless an amendment is approved in conjunction with the procedures for original approval.

F. Nothing in this ordinance shall be construed to prevent ordinary maintenance or repair of any structure in the HP District, which does not alter or modify the historic character of the structure. Demolition of a structure without obtaining a demolition approval shall constitute a violation of this ordinance. (Ord. No. G-3938, 1996; Ord. No. G-4603, 2004)