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The purpose of these regulations is to regulate and limit the development and continued existence of uses, structures and parcels of land established prior to the effective date of these regulations. Legally established nonconformities may continue, but the provisions of these regulations are designed to curtail substantial investment in nonconformities and to bring about their eventual improvement or elimination in order to preserve the integrity of these regulations, promote adopted plans and policies, and enhance the character of the City. Any nonconforming use, structure, or parcel of land that lawfully existed as of the effective date of these regulations and that remains nonconforming, and any use, structure or parcel of land that has become nonconforming as a result of the adoption of these regulations or any subsequent amendment to these regulations or as a result of annexation into the City, may be continued or maintained only in accordance with the terms of this chapter. (Ord. No. G-3409, 1991)