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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Ord. No. G-7062 Amends § 36-158, local speed limits 12/7/2022 Pending 1/6/2023 effective date
Ord. No. G-7028 Amends §§ 5A-3, 5A-5, 5A-6, 5A-8, 5A-9, 5A-12, 5A-13.a.1, 5A-17, 5A-18.a and b, 5A-20.a, b, c, f and h, 5A-21, 5A-27, 5A-28.a, b , c, d, g, h, i, j, k and l and 5A-39.c, industrial gas pipeline license 9/7/2022 Codified
Ord. No. G-7013 Amends §§ 650.D and 650.E, package liquor and general retail sales 9/7/2022 Codified
Ord. No. G-7005 Amends § 36-134, stopping, standing, or parking prohibited in specified places 7/1/2022 Codified
Ord. No. G-6997 Amends § 36-158, local speed limits 7/1/2022 Codified
Ord. No. G-6996 Amends §§ 2-820 through 2-823, Phoenix youth and education commission 7/1/2022 Codified
Ord. No. G-6993 Amends §§ 653.A and B.2, desert overlay districts 7/1/2022 Codified
Ord. No. G-6971 Amends § 608.D.8.a, interior suite with accessory cooking facilities 3/2/2022 Codified
Ord. No. G-6967 Adds Ch. 36, Art. XVII; amends §§ 4-1, 23-1(c), 23-120, 23-128(F), 24-43(A), 24-51(F), 36-1, 36-29, 36-40.1, 36-40.2, 36-403, 39-7(A) and sunset date of Ord. G-6602, motorized electric bicycles and pilot dockless electric standup scooter program 3/2/2022 Codified
Ord. No. G-6962 Amends §§ 309.A, 507.G, 1301.B, 1301.C, 1303.A, 1304.F.2, 1305.A, 1306.A, 1306.H.1.b and 1310.A, Table 1310.1, §§ 1311.A.1 and 1313.D.3.a and Appendix A, decision making and administrative bodies, development review procedures, and Walkable Urban Code 2/2/2022 Codified
Ord. No. G-6941 Amends §§ 2-83.1 and 2-94, salaries for judges 1/5/2022 Codified
Ord. No. G-6919 Repeals Ord. G-6822 and §§ 36-70.01 through 36-70.04, impoundment of vehicles cited for street racing or reckless driving 11/17/2021 Repealer
Ord. No. G-6906 Amends §§ 27-2, 27-3, 27-4 and 27-22(I), household hazardous waste 10/27/2021 Codified
Ord. No. G-6891 Amends §§ 1202.D and F and 1220.B, regulating maps and height bonus 9/8/2021 Codified
Ord. No. G-6868 Adds § 703(E); amends §§ 507 and 507 Tab A, development review procedures 6/16/2021 Codified
Ord. No. G-6860 Amends § 2-60, rules of council proceedings 6/2/2021 Codified
Ord. No. G-6854 Amends Ch. 15, fire code 6/2/2021 Codified
Ord. No. G-6851 Adds Ch. 20, office of accountability and transparency 5/19/2021 Codified
Ord. No. G-6849 Amends § 27-21, residential solid waste collection 5/19/2021 Codified
Ord. No. G-6833 Amends § 28-39(a)(4) [provisions amended were previously removed by Ord. G-6740], sewer rates 4/7/2021 Codified
Ord. No. G-6826 Amends § 37-63, water rates 3/17/2021 Codified
Ord. No. G-6839 Amends § 36-158, local speed limits 4/21/2021 Codified
Ord. No. G-6835 Fee increases 4/21/2021 Special
Ord. No. G-6824 Amends Sections 668.B.2 and B.6, Piestewa Peak specific plans 3/17/2021 Codified
Ord. No. G-6823 Amends sunset date of Ord. G-6602, pilot dockless electric standup scooter program 3/17/2021 Codified