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A. Programs, CDs, apparel and other merchandise may be sold in conjunction with the client’s event. These sales may be subject to a commission fee payable to PCCD.

B. Conventions may sell and distribute convention-related merchandise to their delegates. These sales are not subject to a commission fee. (Ord. No. G-5894, 2014)

Editor’s note—Ord. No. G-5894, § 1, adopted February 19, 2014, effective March 21, 2014, repealed and replaced § 10A-8. Formerly, said section pertained to "Conventions" and derived from Ord. No. G-4675, §§ 1, 2(Att. A), adopted 2-16-2005, eff. 3-18-2005; Ord. No. G-4872, § 11, adopted 3-7-2007, eff. 4-6-2007.