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A. A person violates this section if a person fails to park a motorized electric bicycle:

1. In an upright position on asphalt pavement, concrete, or a similar hard surface; or

2. To allow for a minimum width of 48 inches for pedestrian travel on a sidewalk; or

3. To maintain unimpeded access to public or private entrances; or

4. To maintain unimpeded access to any designated bicycle docking station to park and lock bicycles; or

5. To maintain vehicular travel; or

6. In an area or location designated by the Street Transportation Director or designee as a no parking area.

B. A person violates this section if a person parks a motorized electric bicycle:

1. At the intersection of two or more sidewalks; or

2. On roadways without sidewalks, if the motorized electric bicycle impedes the travel lane.

3. Adjacent to or within:

a. Parklets or street eateries; or

b. Transit zones, including bus stops, shelters, passenger waiting areas, bus layover, and staging zones, except at existing bicycle racks; or

c. Loading zones; or

d. Disabled parking zones; or

e. Street furniture that requires pedestrian access (benches, parking pay stations, bus shelters, transit information signs, or kiosks); or

f. Landscaped areas adjacent to or within the public right-of-way; or

g. Curb ramps; or

h. Within ten feet of entryways and exits.

4. On a public sidewalk obstructing the 48 inches of pedestrian through zone, multiuse path or trail.

5. On those roadways without curbs, in a manner so as to force a pedestrian to walk in the traveled portion of the roadway.

6. Within any portion of a sidewalk, street, trail, or building entrance or exit that provides at least 48 inches of access to disabled persons pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

C. Any parked motorized electric bicycle violating subsection A or B of this section or parked in one location for more than seven consecutive days may be removed by the City and stored at the expense of the motorized electric bicycle owner.

D. A motorized electric bicycle operator/owner must remove any parked motorized electric bicycle violating this section within two hours of the City posting notice.

E. The City may assess a fee against the motorized electric bicycle owner to recover the City’s costs and expenses to remove or relocate the motorized electric bicycle if the motorized electric bicycle is parked in a prohibited area.

F. The Street Transportation Director or designee may designate areas where motorized electric bicycle parking is prohibited and permitted.

G. If a motorized electric bicycle has no identifying information affixed to it that would allow the City to identify the owner of the motorized electric bicycle, the motorized electric bicycle will be considered to be abandoned. (Ord. No. G-6967, § 14, 2022)