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A. The account holder or the account holder’s authorized agent must make any request to discontinue water service. When a request to discontinue water service is submitted, the Department will obtain a final meter reading and calculate and bill for all unpaid charges for services supplied to the premises. The account holder must pay all charges by the date specified on the bill. The account holder requesting discontinuance of service must also furnish the Department with a change of address.

B. Until the account holder provides the Department with a notice of discontinuance of service and the Department terminates service, the account holder remains responsible for all charges, rates, fees and penalties for water service at the service location.

C. If the account holder has a deposit on account with the Department, the Department will apply the deposit amount to any balance owing on the account. The Department will refund to the account holder any credit in excess of any balance owed by the account holder.

D. The Department will assign to a collection agency any delinquent amount remaining after the deposit is applied to the balance owed by the account holder. (Ord. No. G-6741, § 2 (Exh. A), 2020)