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A. Expenditures. Any person, association of persons (hereinafter "association") or entity, other than a registered candidate committee or political action committee, regardless of legal form, that makes an expenditure for the purpose of influencing the result of a local City of Phoenix election totaling $1,000.00 or more within an election cycle shall disclose the following:

1. The amount of the expenditure attributed to a major contribution and the name and address of the vendor or other payee receiving the expenditure;

2. The name of the candidate and race or ballot measure to which the expenditure was made and whether the expenditure was in support of or opposition to the candidate or ballot measure;

3. The communication medium and description of what was purchased with the expenditure; and

4. The date of the expenditure.

B. Original source contributions.

1. In addition to the disclosures required in subsection A of this section, any person, association or entity that makes an expenditure attributable to a major contribution during an election cycle shall also disclose the original source(s) of the major contribution and include the name, address and employer of each original source as well as the amount(s) and date(s) of each major contribution.

2. Contributions are attributed to an expenditure subject to this division at the time that they are designated and/or used for that expenditure, or when they can be credibly traced to an expenditure.

3. Best efforts shall be exercised to identify the original source(s) of all major contributions received during an election cycle that are attributed to an expenditure. Best efforts will not have been deemed exercised unless at least one written request has been sent to the contributor requesting the identity of the original source(s) of all major contributions after the receipt of the contribution.

C. Intermediary transfers.

1. If a major contribution passes through an intermediary or intermediaries, each intermediary must provide a written transfer record of the original source as required in subsection B of this section and the person, association or entity making the expenditure must disclose the name, address and employer of each intermediary to whom the funds were transferred, with the date(s) and amount(s) of the transfers along with any original source information required by subsection B of this section that was provided on any transfer record(s).

2. A person, association or entity cannot make an expenditure attributed to a major contribution unless all the disclosure requirements of this section are satisfied. (Ord. No. G-6617, § 2, 2019)