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A. The disclosures required by this division shall be made in electronic format and filed with the City Clerk, in the manner prescribed by the City Clerk.

B. Forty-eight-hour disclosure requirement.

1. An initial disclosure is required to be filed within 48 hours of an expenditure totaling $10,000.00 or more (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and other legal holidays) when the expenditure is made within 16 days prior to an election. The initial 48-hour disclosure required by this subsection shall include all the information required in Section 12-1553(A).

2. The 48-hour disclosure shall also include the information required under Sections 12-1553(B) and 12-1553(C) for contributions attributed to an expenditure totaling $10,000.00 or more from a single source or intermediary.

C. All other required disclosures shall include the information required in Section 12-1553 and shall be filed on a form prescribed by the City Clerk on the same date that the next campaign finance report is due under State law.

D. Disclosures shall be made under oath and subject to the penalty of perjury by a person, association or entity, or a representative of such, who either makes the expenditure directly or who has knowledge of and authority over the operations of the person, association or entity making the expenditure subject to this division.

E. The City Clerk shall post the disclosures publicly online in electronic format within two working days of receipt.

F. The civil penalties and appeals process applicable to violations of campaign finance as set forth in Section 16-938, Arizona Revised Statutes, as amended apply to any person, association or entity subject to this division and are incorporated herein by this reference.

G. All civil penalties collected pursuant to this division shall be paid into the City of Phoenix general fund. (Ord. No. G-6617, § 2, 2019)