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A. Any person who conducts an activity on nonresidential property or conducts an activity for a fee or charge on residential property that has the reasonable potential to affect the quality or volume of stormwater impounded upon or released from the property, regardless of whether it is raining at the time, shall prepare a detailed written stormwater management plan as described in this section. There is a rebuttable presumption that a stormwater management plan is not required for activities conducted within completely enclosed structures and in other areas that are permanently inaccessible to contact with stormwater or other sources of water, including run-on and run-off.

B. Any person applying pursuant to any chapter of the Phoenix City Code for authorization, permission, or a permit to perform or engage in an activity that has the reasonable potential to affect the quality or volume of stormwater impounded upon or released from their property as a result of the activity for which approval is sought shall prepare and submit a stormwater management plan.

C. A stormwater management plan shall apply to all contiguous land under common ownership or control, and shall specifically state the address of each parcel of property subject to the plan. The plan shall include a description of the types of all significant materials that will be on the property; the land use and materials management practices that could lead to the pollution of stormwater during all phases of existing and proposed land use; the manner in which significant materials will be used, stored, treated or disposed of; the methods to minimize, to the maximum extent practicable, the pollution of stormwater; and any additional information concerning stormwater management and pollution prevention efforts that are or will be prepared to comply with any rules or NPDES/AZPDES permits issued pursuant to the portions of 40 CFR Part 122 that relate to discharges of stormwater. The stormwater management plan shall be provided to the City Manager upon request by the City.

D. A stormwater management plan may apply to more than one parcel of property so long as the activities on the properties are sufficiently similar that a single plan is appropriate. A stormwater management plan is not transferable to new property owners and/or operators.

E. Permits, approvals or other authorizations that require stormwater management plans as provided in subsection B of this section shall not be issued until the City Manager has received the applicable stormwater management plan. If significant materials are not at all times managed in substantial compliance with the applicable stormwater management plan, or if the authorized activity causes or contributes to violations of this chapter, the City Manager may modify or revoke the City permit, approval or other authorization.

F. A stormwater management plan shall include, to the extent applicable, best management practices for: managing litter; the use, storage, treatment, and disposal of significant materials; the use and disposal of pesticides and herbicides; reducing the velocity of releases to a public storm drain system; the use of landscape features to reduce the quantity and velocity of stormwater that may be released off-site; maintenance of retention basins and other stormwater management devices and facilities; underground storage and other treatment devices; maintenance and cleaning of parking lots and buildings; and ensuring that significant materials are not exposed to direct contact with stormwater; and documented employee and contractor training.

G. The persons identified in subsections A and B of this section shall fully implement their stormwater management plan and are required to revise that stormwater management plan as necessary if the affected property or activities at the property are modified in a manner that may cause a material detrimental change in the volume, velocity, or quality of stormwater released off site.

H. The City Manager reserves the right to require amendments to a stormwater management plan as deemed necessary to reduce or eliminate pollutant sources from reaching the publicly owned storm drain system or environment.

I. A stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) that complies with a stormwater NPDES/AZPDES permit and applicable requirements of 40 CFR Part 122 may be used as part or all of the stormwater management plan required by this section. (Ord. No. G-3589, § 1; Ord. No. G-5707, 2012)